Draper Expert Diesel Flow & Adaptors Kit

36.00€  107.59€
Model: 6151149445

Expert Quality, comprehensive kit for performing the simple test to determine return flow from the diesel injectors.

Key Features

  • Quickly indicates faulty or damaged injectors when cranking or running an engine.
  • External flowmeters allow measurement of return flow for speedy diagnosis.
  • Capable of measuring six injectors simultaneously.
  • Supplied with adaptor connectors to allow safe coupling up of flow measuring kit to common rail diesel injectors.
  • Packed in blow mould case with display sleeve.

What's Included

  • 6 x manometer tubes for use when cranking engine
  • 6 x reservoir bottles for use when running engine for long periods
  • 12 x push fit adaptors
  • Anodized hanging bottle rack
  • 6 x Bosch Injector adaptors (No.1)
  • 6 x Siemens Injector adaptors (No.2)
  • 6 x Denso Injector adaptors (No.3)
  • 6 x Delphi Injector adaptors (No.4)