Einhell GC-PH 2155 A Petrol Hedge Trimmer 55cm 21.3cc

36.00€  149.74€
Model: 310367EINGCPH2155

The Einhell GC-PH 2155 A Petrol Hedge Trimmer is a powerful, robust device with a low-vibration two-stroke motor that provides sufficient reserves of energy to cut strong branches and knots. The rotatable hand grip and additional handle provide ergonomical working and adjusts well to the particular cutting situation.

Equipped with an electronic ignition, an Auto Choke and a primer (manual fuel pump) for a simple start. Its safety knives made of precision-ground special steel, cutting on both sides, provide excellent cutting results in combination with the centrifugal clutch. The anti-vibration system and the integrated hand protection care for the necessary safety at work. The big filler hole for the petrol allows the comfortable re-fuelling of the device.


Input Power: 21.3cc Petrol.
Engine: Two-Stroke, Air Cooled.
Engine Displacement: 21.3cm³
No Load Speed: 2,050/min.
Max Power: 0.6kW.
Cutter Length: 64cm, Pitch: 28mm.
Effective Cutter Length: 55cm.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.30 Litres.
Weight: 6.2kg.