OleoMac G48TH Self Propelled Steel Deck Lawnmower 46cm Petrol 4 Stroke

98.00€  532.27€
Model: 314234OLMG48TH

The Oleo-Mac G48TH Self Propelled Lawnmower are mechanically-driven models, which are suitable for larger areas and for rough, inaccessible or gently-sloping ground. It has a steel deck and features a one-piece handle and ball-bearing wheels for smoother operation. It is equipped with a panel incorporating all the main controls, located conveniently to hand.

A lever allows adjustment of the centrally-controlled cutting height to suit specific requirements. A mulching blade chops up clippings into fine fragments, reducing their volume inside the 60 litre catcher.


Input Power: Honda Petrol 4 Stroke 4.5HP.
Propulsion: Self-Propelled.
Cutting Width: 46cm.
Cutting Height Adjustment: 4 Stages, 28-75mm.
Cutting Adjustment: Central.
Grassbox Capacity: 60 Litre.
Weight: 29.6kg.